1. Morning coffee.


  2. Welcome to Sean’s Shout Outs #32!

    In this edition, we’re talking about embarrasing cosplay moments - split seams, accidental flashings, faceplants, and more.  

    Also: see the awesome drawing of Amanda Bynes I did for Lynn Leopard!

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  3. We’re back with another edition of Cosplay Q&A.  In episode 3, we’re finding out “What’s the Most Embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you while cosplaying?”

    Recorded at KW Tri-Con in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  The organizers brought me out and had me as a guest, doing a YouTube panel.  Congratulations to everyone for a successful event!

    What’s your most embarrassing moment? Answer in the comments and you could get a custom drawing from me!

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  4. Swing into action, here’s The Amazing Spider-Man! It’s one of the drawings I did at KW Tri Con last weekend.  There’s more where that came from, and I won’t stop until I do all of the requests I got while I was there.  

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  5. Anonymous asked: Hey, you interviewed me at tri con. When are you uploading the videos? ( cat woman)

    Friday!  New videos every Friday on my YouTube channel!


  6. Quick digital drawing of Batman I did at my table during the Sunday of KW Tri-Con…


  7. NEW VIDEO!!  New Series!!  Shia LaBeouf Talks to His Agent launches the Late Night Series on The Sean Ward Show.  Thanks to everyone who posted about it over the weekend!  

    Starring myself as Shia LaBeouf and Davison as The Agent. Watch Davison on LOLpervs and One HundredJobs.  Follow her on Instagram!

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  8. Set up, restocked, ready for business. #KWtricon #dayTwo


  9. Drawing a new Spider-Man at the booth. Its turned into a show. PS: the webbing on the costume is both the most fun and most challenging part.


  10. Last night my Tumblr feed all abuzz over Nightcrawler’s new comic book so I was inspired to do a drawing….