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Watch to the end of this video for details! 


Daily Prizes up to $100 value starting April 26!

Grand Prize draw up to $1000 on May 11!


From April 26 when Avengers Endgame hits theatres until the release of our #TEAMSUPERFUNNY Avengers Endgame Epic Parody Movie on Saturday May 11, we’ve got daily prizes of up to $100 value! And we’ll be giving away an epic GRAND PRIZE of up to $1000 during the live premiere of the video!

Members of #TEAMSUPERFUNNY will be going live on Instagram each day to lay down that day’s social media challenge, and announce the winner from the previous day’s challenge.

Everyone who enters for a daily prize is also entered to win our epic grand prize!

The Sean Ward Show Channel Memberships are now open, and the more members who sign up, the bigger the grand prize will be!


  • If we get one new member, the grand prize will be a $25 Amazon gift card.

  • 10 new members = $50 Amazon Gift Card

  • 25 new members = $75 Amazon Gift Card

  • 50 new members = $100 Amazon Gift Card

  • 75 new members = $500 cash!

  • 100 new members = $1000 cash!

Follow The Sean Ward Show on Instagram & Facebook to be ready to enter, and watch the YouTube channel on Saturday May 11 for the live premiere of our Avengers Endgame Epic Parody Movie and the Grand Prize draw!

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