Watch these videos to learn about my
artistic philosophy and my
life as a street artist...


Before I had a smartphone or an internet connection, the way I could get my message out was to go old school, put pen to paper, and start sharing my view of the world the only way I knew how.  In a world increasingly defined by the amount of Time we spend interacting digitally instead of face to face, something hand-made and delivered with a personal touch was just what I could do to differentiate myself and take bold action in the direction of huge dreams.

I always liked when People used the wrong word and complimented me on "the animation" - that told me that the art came alive in front of them.

i've still got lots more comics stories I want to tell, and one day I hope to see a collected edition of all of my old stuff available. In the meantime, enjoy this blast from my past! And if you're someone who bought one of these from me on the street back in the day, drop me a line and let me know! 

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