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Known for his (equally as impressive and hilarious as Ryan Reynolds') portrayal of Deadpool, his hilarious acting has brought in millions of views and he is also one of the two most popular characters (the other being the guy he used to get mistaken for a lot before The Deadpool movie came out, SPIDER-MAN!) on the channel. Behind the scenes, he is a fun loving, energetic guy who enjoys the creativity and the atmosphere that conventions and cosplaying lends itself to. 

Having been cosplaying for over 6 years, he has also portrayed characters such as Robin and Two Face (Batman), Soldier 76 (Overwatch) , Krieg (Borderlands), Flynn Rider (Disney’s tangled), and Green Lantern (dc comics). When he’s not prepping another costume for an upcoming convention, he spends most of his time with friends and playing Overwatch (who doesn’t these days?)! 


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