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Celebrate the new Spider-Man movie with #TEAMSUPERFUNNY on The Sean Ward Show with two parody trailers! Get ready for our Spider-Man Far From Home Epic Parody Movie coming this July!


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The Sean Ward Show is the #1 most watched Superhero fan channel on YouTube.

Sean and friends Makenzie, Lee, Violet, and Emily are #TEAMSUPERFUNNY - the cosplay crew dedicated to making you laugh with hilarious videos based on all of your favorite characters and stories from Marvel, DC, and Star Wars movies.

Since the channel’s first viral video in 2012 to weekly content today, the channel has grown from street pranks and flash mobs wherever we could shoot them, to our Epic Parody Movie series - a 10+ minute send up of the latest superhero movie to hit theatres, and videos being seen millions of times a day in 200 countries, and much more.

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My Story

My story starts out when I was working the latest in a string of retail and call centre jobs.  I was on the phone dialling for dollars and not having much luck, like every day, and caught myself staring at the clock. I became aware of time passing in a way I never had before, realized that the path I was on did not lead to where I thought I was going with my life, and became filled with a sense of urgency that I had lost time to make up for. I instantly made a decision to put into practice the principles I had been absorbing from a collection of books that I still reference to this day, and stopped showing up to work to dedicate my Life to my Art.

With No money and No Education, before I even had a smartphone or an internet connection of my own, I started writing and drawing my own comic books, printing them on a self-serve photocopier at Staples, and selling them to strangers on the street. That was how I earned a living for three years.

A series of release events for each new Comic Book issue morphed into an underground film series where I screened short parody movies about my adventures as a galavanting street artist, featuring musical guests and my own performances. These events got me invited to join the cast of a top rated light night TV show as their new Master of Ceremonies.  I was with that show for the last two years of it's run, and then began experimenting with online video.

For two years I tried uploading everything from vlogs to music videos to comedy sketches. A Batman prank video I made went viral and became a worldwide media sensation.  For the rest of that year I tried a bunch of different things but the Videos that were informed by my love of Superheroes and Comic Books were the Successful  ones. 

After another year of dedicating myself full-time to developing my YouTube channel long before I could afford to live that way,  I made the decision to start publishing weekly.  Today The Sean Ward Show starring #TeamSuperFunny is the #1 most-watched cosplay comedy channel on YouTube with over 2 million subscribers and 1 billion video videos from 200+ countries. 

Watch #TeamSuperFunny in hilarious movie parodies, comedy sketches, animation, and music videos on The Sean Ward Show YouTube channel -