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Rogue (yes, that's her real name!) has been an active cosplayer since 2012 and member of The Sean Ward Show since 2013. Having graduated from the University of Toronto with a specialist degree in theatre, she is an actor and model who has created over 115 different cosplays over the past 5 years! She's even cosplayer as Sean Ward himself!

Being one of the OG members of The Sean Ward Show, she has portrayed the most characters and has been in the most videos (27 videos and counting!) out of our cosplaying cast, ranging from her more classic characters such as Rogue and Wonder Woman, to more recent ones like Black Cat and Poison Ivy! 

Being a co-founder of Northern Panic, a non profit organization that hosts cosplay charity events in Toronto, Rogue has also travelled across Canada with her cosplays and spoken on panels from character development, costume creation, cosplay =/= consent and more. When she is not cosplaying she can be found as either an ASL-English Interpreter, licensed First Mate aboard one of 11 ships in Toronto's harbour or spending time with her three adorable black cats.



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