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This video features VILLAINZ LIKE US - the song that we created our whole Joker & Harley Quinn performance around for Villainz - Toronto Comicon After Party. The song was recorded about 50 feet from where the engineer keeps the Grammy he won for Uptown Funk, which was a surreal thing to look at. At the show Friday night, Me and Makenzie are gonna do the Joker & Harley Quinn set and get some awesome shots for the sequel to this video, then immediately get out of make up to perform with my 9-piece dance party funk band - Sean Ward & the Thrillington Orchestra playing live arrangements of all of the songs that have been sampled by DJ Thrillington for my upcoming LP "I Want to Get To Know You Personally". Making shows and having lots to juggle with that is my particular form of obsessive compulsion, going all the way back to producing shows in my family garage as a kid and going door to door to sell tickets to the neighborhood. If you don't see me post for a while, you know that it's always because I'm deep in the details of putting one of these together. Our whole The Sean Ward Show #TEAMSUPERFUNNY crew has been working overtime on this event and our FAN EXPO Canada #TorontoComicon appearance - I can't believe it's so close! Who will we see there???

Friends are Friends, Business is Business, and You Must Risk Hurt Feelings

When you're running a business, there's moves you need to make that you know you need to make that you procrastinate making because you know it's going to get people's feelings hurt. But then you get to a point where you're just so frustrated at how not taking that action is gumming up the works that you just have to do it. In the past I've let it linger on until there's so much indignation behind finally making the move that I've offended people and let things get unnecessarily personal, not unlike how I never learned to do that good natured ball busting thing with the guys until after I'd let it go too long so that when I finally had a comeback to the guy's jokes, it cut so deep that there was no coming back from it. Now my mission is to always be honest and clear so that friendships can stay friendships whenever possible, even if the business relationship needs to change.

Villainz - The Toronto Comicon After Party! Friday March 15 at Rec Room Toronto

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VILLAINZ is the biggest After Party of Toronto Comicon with #TEAMSUPERFUNNY And Pink City!


The Sean Ward Show celebrating 3 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube!

☠Your Favorite Crime Clown + a certain Little Monster LIVE IN CONCERT! With their very best friends, they're giving up their life of crime to threaten the rap game. CONCERT SCENE FOR AN UPCOMING PARODY VIDEO!

Brigit O'Regan with an EXCLUSIVE, ALL-NEW Villainous medley featuring selections from DC movies, Marvel movies, and more!

☠ Finishing off the night, Sean Ward & the Thrillington Orchestra - 9-piece live band dance party!

with prizes, special guests, and more!

When the Creativity Starts

The Sean Ward Show Studio

I walked into the studio on the first day back from the Christmas & New Year’s break, flipped on the lights, and stared into the room. It was the first time I’d been in there in probably two months without a sense of hurry over all of the material we need to record. Our 12 Days of Christmas Videos project was huge and demanding, and now we’re back up at the beginning of the cycle. Now is the part where we go through our notebooks, add new discoveries to old insights to turn the wheel and crank out new ideas for the next few months of show. We are on track to be at 3 million subscribers by the end of this month, and at 5 million by Fan Expo. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in the next few months!

My 2019 Goals

As my YouTube channel looks like it’s set to reach 5 million subscribers in 2019, I’m thinking a lot about other goals that I want to achieve.

DAILY POSTS ON MY PERSONAL INSTAGRAM - I meant to do this last year but got so hung up on the pictures being perfect that I only posted more like once a week. My first post of the year was of me in my PJs with messy hair first thing in the morning just to break the habit of being self-conscious about my posts

WEEKLY VIDEOS ON MY VLOG CHANNEL - Another one that has been bugging me for a long time. Editing videos is a time consuming endeavor and this is one of those ‘important but not urgent’ things that falls by the wayside when my schedule on The Sean Ward Show

FINISH AND RELEASE MY ALBUM - Basically, it goes like this: I plan a comic con after party with the idea that it will be the release party for my album. Then I get so busy with my YouTube channel and planning the party that I don’t have time to finish the album. But last year I realized that the only thing missing from my Fan Expo after party performance was people knowing the songs and having their favorites.

START OUR PODCAST - This one is tough because it’s just so competitive. We don’t want to just talk about geek news or the latest movies because there are already so many people doing that. We finally have an idea and you might be seeing this launch sooner than later.

What are you goals for 2019? Let me know on social media! I’m @seanward on Twitter and Instagram.

2018 Good B.Y.E. (Best Year Ever)


2012 was the year that everything changed. 2018 was the year that everything changed again.

We kicked off 2018 having just hit 1 million subscribers on The Sean Ward Show. The YouTube channel saw a huge uptick in subscribers that got us there faster than we could plan for, and we didn’t celebrate until March.

In January I spent two weeks in Los Angeles that, more than anything else, made me realize how important are the people who have been working on my YouTube channel with me. It was like something out of a novel, realizing that what I had travelled a long distance to find had been right in front of me the whole time. I got back from that trip with a firm resolve to

February, Black Panther came out and our parody video was, to our delight, very well received and pointed the direction our videos would take for the rest of the year.

The YouTube channel hit the 1 million subscribers milestone at the end of the previous year, but it happened so fast that we didn’t celebrate until Toronto Comicon in March, which was when we were originally projected to hit it. It was an amazing moment when we were able to celebrate as a team and reflect on the many years it took to get that far.

Right after that, we moved into our new office and studio space in the Port Lands area of Toronto where our neighbors are soundstages where huge blockbuster movies are filmed, and a recording studio where some of the biggest names in entertainment regularly record. Our first project in the new space was an absolutely enormous Avengers: Infinity War parody video that was one of our biggest hits last year.

Soon after that I got to fulfill a long-time dream of mine and travel with a big group as guests for a big comic con. The entire #TEAMSUPERFUNNY crew went to MegaCon in Orlando (and followed that up with trips to New York Comic Con and Los Angeles Comic Con).

In addition to our regular weekly superhero comedy content, the summer was spent working on the Quiet Room Bears horror film, written and directed by Lee Howard (who plays Batman & Captain America on our superhero channel). That was incredible fun and we haven’t even begun to see what that’s going to turn into yet.

Fan Expo during Labor Day weekend is one of the biggest comic con events there is, and it’s our hometown con. We were featured guests with a huge presentation so it was already epic. But it suddenly became a milestone life event when we hit 2 million subscribers right in the middle of prime time Saturday afternoon. It took us six years to get to 1 million subscribers, and then it took us 8 months to double it. We’ve almost added another million just 4 months later, and we’re on track to more than double it again by Fan Expo next year.

In the fall we produced some very successful Halloween content and did back to back team trips to New York and LA comic cons. I felt like quite the entertainment mogul when for the LA trip, half the team went to the comic con in LA and the other half went to represent the Quiet Room Bears film at a horror convention.

One of the craziest things that happened was while we were in LA, my channel manager at Studio71 revealed that in terms of daily views, The Sean Ward Show is not only the #1 superhero/cosplay channel, but it’s in the top 5% of all channels on the whole platform. That’s a fact that we still can’t get over, and it makes us feel like we have big responsibility to live up to and infuse our content with.

We got back and immediately set to work on our 12 Days of Christmas Videos campaign, while simultaneously keeping up our regular weekly content. And right as started uploading those videos, we were contacted to work on the Aquaman release campaign, which was a hilarious and fun way to close out the work year.

It’s still the holidays as I’m writing this, and after a brief break for Christmas we’re right back at it producing epic parody videos of the holiday movie releases to keep you laughing into the new year.

I’ve got a lot of big goals for 2019 (about which I’ll follow up in another post) but if recent history is anything to go by, there are surprises in store so big that we can’t even dream of them from here.

As the poet used to say...

Staying on Top of Things when you're Busy

It’s Wednesday, and it’s going to be another big day at Sean Ward Shows Inc. studios. Today we are working on The Grinch VS The Avengers and recording the song for our Joker & Harley Christmas Rap. Yesterday we did a Buddy the Elf flash mob downtown. Tomorrow we’re doing a Joker & Harley Christmas rap video, and then on the weekend it’s a Spider-Verse giftaway flash mob. And then we immediately start to work on the videos that come after Christmas!!!

Trying to Think of Everything I'm Working on Right Now

12 Days of Christmas Videos

Quiet Room Bears

Into the Spider-Verse movie parody

Aquaman movie parody

Star Wars Day Toronto 2019

I Want To Get To Know You Personally album by Thrillington

Sean Ward 2 album

2019 Convention Schedule

San Diego Comic Con performance

Knockoff Merchandise apparel company

How to Know if You Should Go All In - Success in 3s

Most people don’t take maximum advantage of the opportunities, coincidences, and luck that come their way. It’s very easy to excitedly jump into an opportunity too soon and either come on too strong, or approach a market that isn’t ready. Others may hesitate for just long enough that a window of opportunity passes them by.

The secret is to treat your life like a series of controlled experiments. Here’s how I’ve always looked at it, and it’s served me well.

  1. If something happens once, it could have been a fluke. Many people only get this far, bet everything on whatever happened as if it’s a new reality, and then lose big.

  2. If something happens a second time, that means you could be on to something. Keep going.

  3. By the time it happens a third time, that is when you can take it as proof positive that it’s how things are. By this point, your previous two occurrences give you a track record, and exist as proof for people who need such a thing.

Get your audience ready for your big message by priming them up. Start with something small, give yourself an easy win, and then ramp it up little by little, and you’ll be surprised at how soon you’re doing big things.

Feel Successful to Be Successful

Did you watch the first episode of our new show, The Sean Ward Show Movie Club Live, when we went to see Wonder Woman?  Every time a new superhero movie comes out, I take the whole cast & crew & a group of VIPs - anywhere from 24-32 people - to see the movie on fan preview night. I've wanted to make a show out of those trips to the movies for a long time.  I've recorded video during those outings that never got put together into anything that was uploaded, I've brought the equipment to live stream and then not done it, it's been a process like this for about a year.  I finally felt like I had the pieces in place when I came up with the format for our Wonder Woman live show, when we live streamed at the movie theatre as people were arriving to see the movie, signing prizes to give away to viewers asking us questions to answer.

Once I thought I had the format that would sustain 45-60 minutes, I put up a post on my Facebook page, put a few dollars' worth of Facebook ads behind it, and got ready.  There was a whole ordeal around not being sure it would even work until about half an hour before show time. We didn't wait to hear back from sponsors, I just went out and bought some prizes. I didn't leave a proposal with my mobile carrier, I just started streaming on my own data plan. I didn't talk to the movie theatre ahead of time, we just did it guerilla style.

It all reminded me of back in the day when I used to make my own comic books and sell them in the street for a living. I used to book a venue and announce the date of a new release first, putting myself in a position where I have people counting on me to deliver at a certain time and place, and then haul ass to have it finished and ready in time.

Looking back, that's the only way anything good has happened in my career, from producing my own comic book release parties to continually announcing that there's a new video every Friday on my YouTube channel - I put myself in a position where I have to deliver no matter what.  I don't have a boss making me keep moving, it's all on me.  And if you are feeling stuck or feeling like you're ready for a breakthrough in your work or in career, try making a bunch of bold promises, and then doing whatever you have to do in order to fulfill them.  It's worked for me, and it's one of those things that sends a big message out to the universe about what kind of person you are and what kind of life you're trying to lead.

Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You)

What up! How many of you know that Star Wars Day is May 4 every year - May the Fourth Be With You?

For many years, it was something that people wrote on each other's social media walls - May the Fourth Be With You!

in 2011, I had the idea that Star Wars Day was going to one day be a big deal with events all over the world... and if I put together a Star Wars Day party in my hometown of Toronto, Canada, it would be the case forevermore that the first Star Wars Day party in the world was in Toronto.  We had costume and trivia contests, and screened a selection of the best fan films and parodies at the (since closed) Toronto Underground Cinema.  In 2012, the event was back with celebrity guests and awesome prizes.

Every year we get another wave of requests for interviews about the origins of Star Wars Day.  After a hiatus, Star Wars Day returned in 2016 at the Hard Rock Cafe Toronto.  it was an incredible community and family event, all around our shared passion for all things Star Wars.  In the spirit of fandom represented by the 501st Legion, Star Wars Day Toronto is a fan-run non-profit charity fundraiser.  Last year we raised $2000 for SickKids Foundation.  In 2017, all proceeds will benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation.

I go so crazy about Star Wars Day, and I care so much about Toronto having a huge Star Wars Day tradition, that I I frequently spend my own money on awesome collectibles I come across so that there's amazing prizes for the winners of our Costume Contest and Trivia Game Show.  We're even doing a raffle, and one lucky winner is going to win a Trip for 2 to Las Vegas!

Come to Star Wars Day Toronto 2017! Click here for the Facebook event page

May the Fourth Be With You!

Just some of the amazing prizes we're giving away at Star Wars Day Toronto 2017, May 4 at Hard Rock Cafe Toronto

Just some of the amazing prizes we're giving away at Star Wars Day Toronto 2017, May 4 at Hard Rock Cafe Toronto

How I Became an Artist

I got a very loving compliment on this video today.  It's one that I did years ago when Draw My Life videos were a YouTube trend. I noticed that most Life stories shared were a variation on the theme of a teenager discovering YouTube while they lived at home, and that my experience as an artist was one that I hadn't seen reflected in a Draw My Life video yet.

Then I thought that you might not have seen this, or might not know my journey as an artist.  Now here it is!

Sean Ward is Your Most Favorite YouTuber in Toronto


Every so often, a blog post will appear on one of any number of Toronto-based news and lifestyle blogs about which up-and-coming YouTubers the reader needs to take a look at.

Inevitably, the comments will turn into everyone mentioning their favorite YouTuber, but they usually mention people in the top tier of creators.  

The first time I appeared on one of these lists, I was elated.  I felt like it was a huge moment in my early growth.

The first time I wasn't on one of these lists, I felt left out at first.  But then I saw who people were mentioning in the comments as people they thought should have been included.  I saw some names I recognized as the people who were the ones to watch when I was new, the people doing brand deals and high-profile collaborations.  And when I looked them up to see how they were doing, I discovered that my channel had grown quickly and now my channel was at that same level.

So the message here is that if you're ever suffering from a case of FOMO, or feel like you're not getting the recognition you deserve in your industry, consider that there is a very good chance that you're just too big for them now.

And to the people who mention me in those comments on those blog posts about "Toronto YouTubers you have to watch now", I've got love for you.  Keep it coming!

Hello World

This is a sentence I am typing to see how the post looks.  How does it look? Let me know on Twitter.  I'm @seanward