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It’s Wednesday, and it’s going to be another big day at Sean Ward Shows Inc. studios. Today we are working on The Grinch VS The Avengers and recording the song for our Joker & Harley Christmas Rap. Yesterday we did a Buddy the Elf flash mob downtown. Tomorrow we’re doing a Joker & Harley Christmas rap video, and then on the weekend it’s a Spider-Verse giftaway flash mob. And then we immediately start to work on the videos that come after Christmas!!!

Trying to Think of Everything I'm Working on Right Now

12 Days of Christmas Videos

Quiet Room Bears

Into the Spider-Verse movie parody

Aquaman movie parody

Star Wars Day Toronto 2019

I Want To Get To Know You Personally album by Thrillington

Sean Ward 2 album

2019 Convention Schedule

San Diego Comic Con performance

Knockoff Merchandise apparel company

How to Know if You Should Go All In - Success in 3s

Most people don’t take maximum advantage of the opportunities, coincidences, and luck that come their way. It’s very easy to excitedly jump into an opportunity too soon and either come on too strong, or approach a market that isn’t ready. Others may hesitate for just long enough that a window of opportunity passes them by.

The secret is to treat your life like a series of controlled experiments. Here’s how I’ve always looked at it, and it’s served me well.

  1. If something happens once, it could have been a fluke. Many people only get this far, bet everything on whatever happened as if it’s a new reality, and then lose big.

  2. If something happens a second time, that means you could be on to something. Keep going.

  3. By the time it happens a third time, that is when you can take it as proof positive that it’s how things are. By this point, your previous two occurrences give you a track record, and exist as proof for people who need such a thing.

Get your audience ready for your big message by priming them up. Start with something small, give yourself an easy win, and then ramp it up little by little, and you’ll be surprised at how soon you’re doing big things.

Feel Successful to Be Successful

Did you watch the first episode of our new show, The Sean Ward Show Movie Club Live, when we went to see Wonder Woman?  Every time a new superhero movie comes out, I take the whole cast & crew & a group of VIPs - anywhere from 24-32 people - to see the movie on fan preview night. I've wanted to make a show out of those trips to the movies for a long time.  I've recorded video during those outings that never got put together into anything that was uploaded, I've brought the equipment to live stream and then not done it, it's been a process like this for about a year.  I finally felt like I had the pieces in place when I came up with the format for our Wonder Woman live show, when we live streamed at the movie theatre as people were arriving to see the movie, signing prizes to give away to viewers asking us questions to answer.

Once I thought I had the format that would sustain 45-60 minutes, I put up a post on my Facebook page, put a few dollars' worth of Facebook ads behind it, and got ready.  There was a whole ordeal around not being sure it would even work until about half an hour before show time. We didn't wait to hear back from sponsors, I just went out and bought some prizes. I didn't leave a proposal with my mobile carrier, I just started streaming on my own data plan. I didn't talk to the movie theatre ahead of time, we just did it guerilla style.

It all reminded me of back in the day when I used to make my own comic books and sell them in the street for a living. I used to book a venue and announce the date of a new release first, putting myself in a position where I have people counting on me to deliver at a certain time and place, and then haul ass to have it finished and ready in time.

Looking back, that's the only way anything good has happened in my career, from producing my own comic book release parties to continually announcing that there's a new video every Friday on my YouTube channel - I put myself in a position where I have to deliver no matter what.  I don't have a boss making me keep moving, it's all on me.  And if you are feeling stuck or feeling like you're ready for a breakthrough in your work or in career, try making a bunch of bold promises, and then doing whatever you have to do in order to fulfill them.  It's worked for me, and it's one of those things that sends a big message out to the universe about what kind of person you are and what kind of life you're trying to lead.

Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You)

What up! How many of you know that Star Wars Day is May 4 every year - May the Fourth Be With You?

For many years, it was something that people wrote on each other's social media walls - May the Fourth Be With You!

in 2011, I had the idea that Star Wars Day was going to one day be a big deal with events all over the world... and if I put together a Star Wars Day party in my hometown of Toronto, Canada, it would be the case forevermore that the first Star Wars Day party in the world was in Toronto.  We had costume and trivia contests, and screened a selection of the best fan films and parodies at the (since closed) Toronto Underground Cinema.  In 2012, the event was back with celebrity guests and awesome prizes.

Every year we get another wave of requests for interviews about the origins of Star Wars Day.  After a hiatus, Star Wars Day returned in 2016 at the Hard Rock Cafe Toronto.  it was an incredible community and family event, all around our shared passion for all things Star Wars.  In the spirit of fandom represented by the 501st Legion, Star Wars Day Toronto is a fan-run non-profit charity fundraiser.  Last year we raised $2000 for SickKids Foundation.  In 2017, all proceeds will benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation.

I go so crazy about Star Wars Day, and I care so much about Toronto having a huge Star Wars Day tradition, that I I frequently spend my own money on awesome collectibles I come across so that there's amazing prizes for the winners of our Costume Contest and Trivia Game Show.  We're even doing a raffle, and one lucky winner is going to win a Trip for 2 to Las Vegas!

Come to Star Wars Day Toronto 2017! Click here for the Facebook event page

May the Fourth Be With You!

 Just some of the amazing prizes we're giving away at Star Wars Day Toronto 2017, May 4 at Hard Rock Cafe Toronto

Just some of the amazing prizes we're giving away at Star Wars Day Toronto 2017, May 4 at Hard Rock Cafe Toronto

How I Became an Artist

I got a very loving compliment on this video today.  It's one that I did years ago when Draw My Life videos were a YouTube trend. I noticed that most Life stories shared were a variation on the theme of a teenager discovering YouTube while they lived at home, and that my experience as an artist was one that I hadn't seen reflected in a Draw My Life video yet.

Then I thought that you might not have seen this, or might not know my journey as an artist.  Now here it is!

Sean Ward is Your Most Favorite YouTuber in Toronto


Every so often, a blog post will appear on one of any number of Toronto-based news and lifestyle blogs about which up-and-coming YouTubers the reader needs to take a look at.

Inevitably, the comments will turn into everyone mentioning their favorite YouTuber, but they usually mention people in the top tier of creators.  

The first time I appeared on one of these lists, I was elated.  I felt like it was a huge moment in my early growth.

The first time I wasn't on one of these lists, I felt left out at first.  But then I saw who people were mentioning in the comments as people they thought should have been included.  I saw some names I recognized as the people who were the ones to watch when I was new, the people doing brand deals and high-profile collaborations.  And when I looked them up to see how they were doing, I discovered that my channel had grown quickly and now my channel was at that same level.

So the message here is that if you're ever suffering from a case of FOMO, or feel like you're not getting the recognition you deserve in your industry, consider that there is a very good chance that you're just too big for them now.

And to the people who mention me in those comments on those blog posts about "Toronto YouTubers you have to watch now", I've got love for you.  Keep it coming!

Hello World

This is a sentence I am typing to see how the post looks.  How does it look? Let me know on Twitter.  I'm @seanward