Sean Ward is Your Most Favorite YouTuber in Toronto


Every so often, a blog post will appear on one of any number of Toronto-based news and lifestyle blogs about which up-and-coming YouTubers the reader needs to take a look at.

Inevitably, the comments will turn into everyone mentioning their favorite YouTuber, but they usually mention people in the top tier of creators.  

The first time I appeared on one of these lists, I was elated.  I felt like it was a huge moment in my early growth.

The first time I wasn't on one of these lists, I felt left out at first.  But then I saw who people were mentioning in the comments as people they thought should have been included.  I saw some names I recognized as the people who were the ones to watch when I was new, the people doing brand deals and high-profile collaborations.  And when I looked them up to see how they were doing, I discovered that my channel had grown quickly and now my channel was at that same level.

So the message here is that if you're ever suffering from a case of FOMO, or feel like you're not getting the recognition you deserve in your industry, consider that there is a very good chance that you're just too big for them now.

And to the people who mention me in those comments on those blog posts about "Toronto YouTubers you have to watch now", I've got love for you.  Keep it coming!

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