Feel Successful to Be Successful

Did you watch the first episode of our new show, The Sean Ward Show Movie Club Live, when we went to see Wonder Woman?  Every time a new superhero movie comes out, I take the whole cast & crew & a group of VIPs - anywhere from 24-32 people - to see the movie on fan preview night. I've wanted to make a show out of those trips to the movies for a long time.  I've recorded video during those outings that never got put together into anything that was uploaded, I've brought the equipment to live stream and then not done it, it's been a process like this for about a year.  I finally felt like I had the pieces in place when I came up with the format for our Wonder Woman live show, when we live streamed at the movie theatre as people were arriving to see the movie, signing prizes to give away to viewers asking us questions to answer.

Once I thought I had the format that would sustain 45-60 minutes, I put up a post on my Facebook page, put a few dollars' worth of Facebook ads behind it, and got ready.  There was a whole ordeal around not being sure it would even work until about half an hour before show time. We didn't wait to hear back from sponsors, I just went out and bought some prizes. I didn't leave a proposal with my mobile carrier, I just started streaming on my own data plan. I didn't talk to the movie theatre ahead of time, we just did it guerilla style.

It all reminded me of back in the day when I used to make my own comic books and sell them in the street for a living. I used to book a venue and announce the date of a new release first, putting myself in a position where I have people counting on me to deliver at a certain time and place, and then haul ass to have it finished and ready in time.

Looking back, that's the only way anything good has happened in my career, from producing my own comic book release parties to continually announcing that there's a new video every Friday on my YouTube channel - I put myself in a position where I have to deliver no matter what.  I don't have a boss making me keep moving, it's all on me.  And if you are feeling stuck or feeling like you're ready for a breakthrough in your work or in career, try making a bunch of bold promises, and then doing whatever you have to do in order to fulfill them.  It's worked for me, and it's one of those things that sends a big message out to the universe about what kind of person you are and what kind of life you're trying to lead.