How to Know if You Should Go All In - Success in 3s

Most people don’t take maximum advantage of the opportunities, coincidences, and luck that come their way. It’s very easy to excitedly jump into an opportunity too soon and either come on too strong, or approach a market that isn’t ready. Others may hesitate for just long enough that a window of opportunity passes them by.

The secret is to treat your life like a series of controlled experiments. Here’s how I’ve always looked at it, and it’s served me well.

  1. If something happens once, it could have been a fluke. Many people only get this far, bet everything on whatever happened as if it’s a new reality, and then lose big.

  2. If something happens a second time, that means you could be on to something. Keep going.

  3. By the time it happens a third time, that is when you can take it as proof positive that it’s how things are. By this point, your previous two occurrences give you a track record, and exist as proof for people who need such a thing.

Get your audience ready for your big message by priming them up. Start with something small, give yourself an easy win, and then ramp it up little by little, and you’ll be surprised at how soon you’re doing big things.

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