2018 Good B.Y.E. (Best Year Ever)


2012 was the year that everything changed. 2018 was the year that everything changed again.

We kicked off 2018 having just hit 1 million subscribers on The Sean Ward Show. The YouTube channel saw a huge uptick in subscribers that got us there faster than we could plan for, and we didn’t celebrate until March.

In January I spent two weeks in Los Angeles that, more than anything else, made me realize how important are the people who have been working on my YouTube channel with me. It was like something out of a novel, realizing that what I had travelled a long distance to find had been right in front of me the whole time. I got back from that trip with a firm resolve to

February, Black Panther came out and our parody video was, to our delight, very well received and pointed the direction our videos would take for the rest of the year.

The YouTube channel hit the 1 million subscribers milestone at the end of the previous year, but it happened so fast that we didn’t celebrate until Toronto Comicon in March, which was when we were originally projected to hit it. It was an amazing moment when we were able to celebrate as a team and reflect on the many years it took to get that far.

Right after that, we moved into our new office and studio space in the Port Lands area of Toronto where our neighbors are soundstages where huge blockbuster movies are filmed, and a recording studio where some of the biggest names in entertainment regularly record. Our first project in the new space was an absolutely enormous Avengers: Infinity War parody video that was one of our biggest hits last year.

Soon after that I got to fulfill a long-time dream of mine and travel with a big group as guests for a big comic con. The entire #TEAMSUPERFUNNY crew went to MegaCon in Orlando (and followed that up with trips to New York Comic Con and Los Angeles Comic Con).

In addition to our regular weekly superhero comedy content, the summer was spent working on the Quiet Room Bears horror film, written and directed by Lee Howard (who plays Batman & Captain America on our superhero channel). That was incredible fun and we haven’t even begun to see what that’s going to turn into yet.

Fan Expo during Labor Day weekend is one of the biggest comic con events there is, and it’s our hometown con. We were featured guests with a huge presentation so it was already epic. But it suddenly became a milestone life event when we hit 2 million subscribers right in the middle of prime time Saturday afternoon. It took us six years to get to 1 million subscribers, and then it took us 8 months to double it. We’ve almost added another million just 4 months later, and we’re on track to more than double it again by Fan Expo next year.

In the fall we produced some very successful Halloween content and did back to back team trips to New York and LA comic cons. I felt like quite the entertainment mogul when for the LA trip, half the team went to the comic con in LA and the other half went to represent the Quiet Room Bears film at a horror convention.

One of the craziest things that happened was while we were in LA, my channel manager at Studio71 revealed that in terms of daily views, The Sean Ward Show is not only the #1 superhero/cosplay channel, but it’s in the top 5% of all channels on the whole platform. That’s a fact that we still can’t get over, and it makes us feel like we have big responsibility to live up to and infuse our content with.

We got back and immediately set to work on our 12 Days of Christmas Videos campaign, while simultaneously keeping up our regular weekly content. And right as started uploading those videos, we were contacted to work on the Aquaman release campaign, which was a hilarious and fun way to close out the work year.

It’s still the holidays as I’m writing this, and after a brief break for Christmas we’re right back at it producing epic parody videos of the holiday movie releases to keep you laughing into the new year.

I’ve got a lot of big goals for 2019 (about which I’ll follow up in another post) but if recent history is anything to go by, there are surprises in store so big that we can’t even dream of them from here.

As the poet used to say...

Sean Ward