My 2019 Goals

As my YouTube channel looks like it’s set to reach 5 million subscribers in 2019, I’m thinking a lot about other goals that I want to achieve.

DAILY POSTS ON MY PERSONAL INSTAGRAM - I meant to do this last year but got so hung up on the pictures being perfect that I only posted more like once a week. My first post of the year was of me in my PJs with messy hair first thing in the morning just to break the habit of being self-conscious about my posts

WEEKLY VIDEOS ON MY VLOG CHANNEL - Another one that has been bugging me for a long time. Editing videos is a time consuming endeavor and this is one of those ‘important but not urgent’ things that falls by the wayside when my schedule on The Sean Ward Show

FINISH AND RELEASE MY ALBUM - Basically, it goes like this: I plan a comic con after party with the idea that it will be the release party for my album. Then I get so busy with my YouTube channel and planning the party that I don’t have time to finish the album. But last year I realized that the only thing missing from my Fan Expo after party performance was people knowing the songs and having their favorites.

START OUR PODCAST - This one is tough because it’s just so competitive. We don’t want to just talk about geek news or the latest movies because there are already so many people doing that. We finally have an idea and you might be seeing this launch sooner than later.

What are you goals for 2019? Let me know on social media! I’m @seanward on Twitter and Instagram.

Sean Ward