Friends are Friends, Business is Business, and You Must Risk Hurt Feelings

When you're running a business, there's moves you need to make that you know you need to make that you procrastinate making because you know it's going to get people's feelings hurt. But then you get to a point where you're just so frustrated at how not taking that action is gumming up the works that you just have to do it. In the past I've let it linger on until there's so much indignation behind finally making the move that I've offended people and let things get unnecessarily personal, not unlike how I never learned to do that good natured ball busting thing with the guys until after I'd let it go too long so that when I finally had a comeback to the guy's jokes, it cut so deep that there was no coming back from it. Now my mission is to always be honest and clear so that friendships can stay friendships whenever possible, even if the business relationship needs to change.

Sean Ward