Villainz Like Us - the Joker & Harley Quinn rap song!

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This video features VILLAINZ LIKE US - the song that we created our whole Joker & Harley Quinn performance around for Villainz - Toronto Comicon After Party. The song was recorded about 50 feet from where the engineer keeps the Grammy he won for Uptown Funk, which was a surreal thing to look at. At the show Friday night, Me and Makenzie are gonna do the Joker & Harley Quinn set and get some awesome shots for the sequel to this video, then immediately get out of make up to perform with my 9-piece dance party funk band - Sean Ward & the Thrillington Orchestra playing live arrangements of all of the songs that have been sampled by DJ Thrillington for my upcoming LP "I Want to Get To Know You Personally". Making shows and having lots to juggle with that is my particular form of obsessive compulsion, going all the way back to producing shows in my family garage as a kid and going door to door to sell tickets to the neighborhood. If you don't see me post for a while, you know that it's always because I'm deep in the details of putting one of these together. Our whole The Sean Ward Show #TEAMSUPERFUNNY crew has been working overtime on this event and our FAN EXPO Canada #TorontoComicon appearance - I can't believe it's so close! Who will we see there???

Sean Ward