A Remedial Writing Lesson for Game of Thrones Fans

I’ve been seeing a lot of people sticking up for the Game of Thrones finale on the basis that George R. R. Martin said that the ending of the books won’t deviate much from the ending in the TV show, thus it’s the proper ending and no one should be complaining.

Well take an epic work like… A Christmas Carol, off the top of my head. There’s a long story there about Scrooge going on a huge journey that changes his heart and turns him into a new person.

So if I write down “Once upon a time there was Ebenezer Scrooge who was a big jerk but then he had a change of heart and now he’s a good man”, that’s the originally intended ending, isn’t it? So that automatically makes this a good story?

The problem was never with the ending. The problem is the short cuts and taking the audience for granted that got to that ending!

Sean Ward