Captain America Returns the Infinity Stones... and Over a Million People See It!

Our latest video to go over a million views is Captain America Returns the Infinity Stones - the Epic Avengers Endgame Parody. We used to do a bunch of posts and celebrate every time a video crossed 1 million views. Not to flex, but it started happening with increased frequency and we would need a whole separate account to post those milestones at this point.

But this video feels even more special than most because it feels the most like the kind of videos I was striving to make back when we were first having some street prank videos go viral back at the beginning of The Sean Ward Show’s success.

Why I love this video so much:

  • The Writing - It’s directly connected to the Avengers Endgame movie, the comedy is on point, and it feels like the viewer can tell we’re sincerely huge fans of this stuff.

  • The Acting - it’s been my privilege to watch all of my main cast members grown as comedians and develop acting skills they didn’t even know that had, and in some cases didn’t even know they were interested in until i started roping them into videos because they had a great costume.

  • The Team - this one flowed out of us easily. I’m really proud We’ve been working on this show together so long that we can write to each other’s strengths, and our post-production team has helped us achieve a visual style all our own with the special effects.

We’re a long way from standing in a doorway, waiting for someone to come by so we can leap out in a big superhero fight, hoping we capture some funny reactions. Even back then the vision was that I was making these hilarious comedy films that actually exist in between the movies themselves.

In Avengers Endgame, everyone wanted to know what happened when Captain America went back in time to return the Infinity Stones. Well, #TEAMSUPERFUNNY has the answer in the latest Marvel MCU Movie Parody video on The Sean Ward Show!

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Sean Ward