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The Sean Ward Show is the home of the "Epic Parody Movie" series, plus hilarious sketch comedy, animation, and music videos.

How I Started Making Videos...

For three years, I had been creating my own comic books and selling them to strangers on the street.  I tried to build hype around new releases by staging release events - booking a local bar or lounge, booking bands, and treating it all like a concert and my new comic book was the headliner. As the scope of these events grew, I started creating my own little parody short films about my adventures making comic books, begging or borrowing a projector with a bedsheet for a screen, and I soon conceived of these events as episodes of an imaginary TV show.

The original idea was that the new comic book would be the cartoon segment of this imaginary show, but my focus got wrapped up very quickly in making these videos and putting together the screenings.  

I started uploading my short films to YouTube just so that party attendees could watch them again when they got home. These short films would be the foundation of my career to come, as many years later The Sean Ward Show would become the #1 most-watched cosplay or comic-con related channel on YouTube.