1. Marvel & the Sean Ward Show have teamed up to give Canadians a shot at a CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER prize pack or tickets to an exclusive advance screening in cities across the country.

    Watch the video on my YouTube channel for full details and your chance to win!


  2. With this post, I present my Artist Interviews from Toronto ComiCon 2014.  I asked a bunch of the guest artists to tell me about the first comics projects they’d finished when they were kids, and I got a lot of great responses.  Watch the video to hear their stories and watch their faces light up.

    This video concludes my Toronto ComiCon 2014 coverage!  I’ve included the rest of my ComiCon videos in this post so scroll down to see my Cosplayer Interviews and my Preview video that I missed a really important party for to be able to have it up on the first night of ComiCon.

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    This year’s ComiCon was a lot of fun but for me and my crew, it was chaos behind the scenes.  There was supposed to be two more videos in our ComiCon collection but technical difficulties meant that they didn’t get made.  They’re on the schedule for the next convention though so don’t worry - you’ll see them very soon!

    Here are the rest of my Toronto ComiCon 2014 videos.  Enjoy!  And be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, The Sean Ward Show, for awesome superhero-themed content every week.



  3. Europe’s hottest DJ/production duo AKA original art for this week’s winner Alex M.  Comment on this week’s video to get your own.  Make it your wallpaper, your avatar pic, whatever you want.

    youtube.com/TheSeanWardShow #artofSW


  4. #TBT to a documentary film about me from 2006.  This was made before I was on TV or had travelled or had put anything on YouTube.  it went on to win a whole pile of awards for its’ creators in various student film competitions.

    Thanks again to Nikki Saltz, Josh Fraiman, Evan Morgan, and Daniel Reis.


  5. I was awake in the middle of the night a few days ago thinking about how long it’s been since I did one of my world-famous autobiographical comic books.  My most well-received comic books were the ones that were the most intensely personal.  I would get that there’s some lesson life is trying to teach me, and I’d take my real-life experiences and distill them down to a comic book story.  

    The problem is that because these stories often had to do with real people, those people would see the stories and get offended.  Some of those stories, even though they’re honest, are the reason why I’m not as close with certain people I’ve helped in their career.  

    Since the last time I did one of those autobiographical stories, I’ve been to the top and back again on a late night TV show, surrounded by the soap-opera that was social media land, and creating a successful YouTube channel.  At the time I thought of making comics stories out of those experiences but I didn’t want to burn any bridges.  

    After my adventure in TV land was over and I had my breakdown, my confidence took a hit that I’ve never really got past.  I keep feeling like I’m getting closer to where I was then, and then I feel closer to taking the years of experiences that haven’t been dramatised yet and making comic books out of them.

    Back then the biggest barrier to making a comic book was my own determination in the face of often-crushing poverty.  Now my biggest challenge is finding the time while keeping up with a weekly YouTube schedule.  


  6. Greetings from Toronto ComiCon!  This is my latest video - Cosplay Q&A episode 4.  Watch as we talk to cosplayers and get the inside scoop on the hottest issues.

    ComiCon was a great time for a bunch of YouTubers!  Watch videos shot at ComiCon by Davison and Ryan Thomas Woods!


  7. My microphone is back in action! This is my wireless Shure SM58, one of my favorite pieces of equipment. Me and this microphone has been through a lot together and I thought it was done for. Now its back in action!


  8. Exclusive FIRST LOOK at Jesse Rosenberg as Lex Luthor… Sort of! All new original animated mash up of The Social Network and Man of Steel - watch now on my YouTube channel! http://YouTube.com/watch?v=VR9ChGpIMRE


  9. Morning coffee.


  10. Welcome to Sean’s Shout Outs #32!

    In this edition, we’re talking about embarrasing cosplay moments - split seams, accidental flashings, faceplants, and more.  

    Also: see the awesome drawing of Amanda Bynes I did for Lynn Leopard!

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